bUild value in your intellectual Property,

Build value in your business 



Patent services, including patent procurement, portfolio management,  landscape analysis,  freedom-to-operate analysis, patent licensing and enforcement.

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protect your BRAND

Your brand is your identity and should be jealously protected.    

Our trademark and branding services help you identify and secure your names, logos, and identifying phrases that distinguish you from your competition and allow you to build brand equity.

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protect your SECRETS

Sometimes, the best competitive advantage comes from simply knowing something that your competition doesn’t.

Trade secrets allow you to protect this competitive edge, but you need to be proactive.

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protect your rights

Disputes are inevitable, but achieving a successful outcome is not.  We tip the odds in your favor.  With over twenty years of litigation and trial experience, we have the expertise to enforce your rights and to defend your business against outside threats.  

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