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value driven Intellectual property law

Its time to acknowledge a change in the delivery of intellectual property law services.  Introducing ACKnowledge IP P.C.

BIG LAW has some of the best lawyers in the country.  But, BIG LAW is expensive and often falls short on delivering value.  Our founder, Paul Ackerman, knows this first hand as he spent most of his career as a partner in some of the largest law firms in the country.  Paul founded ACKnowledge IP P.C.  with the mission of delivering the highest quality intellectual property law services with a fee structure that allows our clients to maximize the value in their IP assets.

At ACKnowledge IP P.C., we specialize in intellectual property law.  We don’t aspire to be all things to all clients.  Instead, we do one thing, and we excel at it.

At ACKnowledge IP P.C.,  we do not value the billable hour.   Instead, we place value on the service we deliver.  Typically, we prefer to offer services with a set fixed fee or other value-based billing arrangement.  When that’s not practical, or when a client prefers a more traditional fee arrangement, we offer rates are far lower than our BIG LAW colleagues. 

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