If innovation, branding, or proprietary competitive information are important to you, intellectual property is important to your business.  Are you adequately protecting these business assets?  Do you have an intellectual property strategy that is aligned with your business objectives?  Do you have intellectual property policies in place that intentionally build value and protect your business?   Do you have an appropriate budget in place to protect your IP assets and is this budget being well spent to achieve your strategy? 


If you answered  “yes,”  you probably have a talented Chief IP counsel at the helm guiding the enterprise.  Otherwise, if you would benefit from having in-house IP counsel, but are not ready to hire someone full time, you may benefit from our On Demand Chief IP Counsel program.


This is a subscription model we tailor to your expected needs.   You pay a fixed monthly fee for dedicated access to an experienced IP attorney.   Packages start with commitments as low as 20 hours per month for three months.


Services are tailored to your needs, but generally include:

  • Meeting with management to understand your business and management priorities
  • Review and manage existing IP policies & programs for identifying & protecting IP assets and recommending changes
  • Review IP provisions in agreements & employee handbook and revise as needed
  • Review and analyze current IP portfolio
  • Benchmark analysis against peer group companies
  • Conduct invention intake meetings
  • Working with management to prioritize IP projects and develop an effective budget for IP
  • Coordinating with outside counsel.

If your innovative company would benefit from the services of a Chief IP Counsel but are not quite ready for someone full time, our On-Demand Chief IP Service may be the answer.  


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