(Selected recent litigation experience.  Includes cases where Paul was lead counsel while at prior firms.)



 PGR2021-00096 – Representing an internet advertising company challenging the validity of a competitor’s patent in a post grant review proceeding before the PTAB.


IPR2015-00947. Successfully defended patent owner, an international designer glass company,  in an IPR proceeding challenging the validity of our client’s design patent. In view of the patent owner’s preliminary statement, the PTAB denied institution of inter partes review against our client’s patent.



 HHC-CV-608 7023 (Conn. Super. Ct.). Successfully represented an emerging medical device company in a Commercial dispute involving claims of breach of contract, unfair competition, fraud, and tortious interference with business opportunities.   Secured a highly favorable outcome in a bench trial for Bobcat Endoscopy LLC against a former consultant.


17-cv-00359-SAG (D. Md.).  Successfully defended an emerging medical device company and its founder in a commercial dispute involving claims of breach of contract, inventorship, unfair competition, fraud, and tortious interference with business opportunities. 


14-cv-904 (E.D.Tx.).  Successfully represented a manufacturer of infant products against allegations of patent infringement directed to products for making infant formula. Case was settled favorably following the Markman hearing.


16-cv-00908 (E.D.N.Y.)  Successfully represented plaintiff, an international designer glass company,  in a design patent litigation involving the ornamental design of a bottle. 


14-cv-4547 (S.D.N.Y.). Successfully represented plaintiff, a prestigious private university,  in a breach of contract action in connection with the sale of patents. Settled on favorable terms.


11-cv-00469 (N.D. Cal.).  Successfully represented defendant, the technology group of a major health insurance company,  in a patent dispute involving insurance claims processing and physician efficiency measurement. On appeal, the Federal Circuit found no infringement by our client, and vacated a jury verdict in excess of $12 mil.


12-cv-928 (D. Del.). Represented defendant, a major international toy company, in a patent dispute alleging infringement. Case settled on favorable terms shortly before trial.


11-CV-0034 (E.D. Texas). Represented defendant, a luxury automaker, against allegations of infringement of a patent directed to flexible, LED-based automotive lighting assemblies.



In the Matter of Certain Universal Serial Bus (“USB”) Portable Data Storage Devices 337-TA-788 (I.T.C.). Successfully represented respondents, technology manufacturers, in an investigation involving allegations of infringement of three utility patents and one design patent directed to USB memory sticks. After months of hard-fought litigation, the complainant withdrew its complaint the night before the hearing was to commence, resulting in an initial determination terminating the investigation in favor of the clients.

In the Matter of Certain Glassware, 337-TA-767 (I.T.C.). Successfully represented the complainant, a successful large scale craft brewer, in a 337 enforcement action involving two design patents protecting the design of  its signature beer glass. The investigation was resolved with a consent order precluding further importation of the accused glasses.